JOIN US for 100 MILES IN MAY! Stay Active, Stay Social (Physically Distant). Get registered now and start getting your online teams together! We’ll kick things off April 1st this time around and we’ll be holding back-to-back 100 Mile Challenges.

100 Miles in May is our annual fundraiser and the pledges received provide critical funding for our non-profit Healthy Futures program. If all you can afford is a $5 pledge, we are grateful for any support. If you can’t afford a pledge at this time, click on hardship email link on registration. We got you. Workplace or family teams only need to have one pledge from team leader. Miles and leaderboard status will refresh for the May challenge but no need to pledge twice.

We hope you’ll join us. Wishing you well as we all work through this together.

Join the MOVE-ment! Move and enter mileage. ANY ACTIVITY COUNTS toward your 100 Miles in April or May!
GET SOCIAL(online)
Build team spirit and challenge your family, friends, and coworkers to a healthy month of daily physical activity. Follow yourself, your team, and others on the leaderboards! Cheer each other on and share resources/ideas on our 100 Miles Facebook Group. Remember to check CDC website for latest recommendations at when getting outside.
STEP 1: Register
STEP 2: Create Your Team (Workplace, Fun Team, Family or fly solo)
STEP 3: Invite Team Members
STEP 4: Get Moving
STEP 5: Track yours and others progress on the leaderboards.
– We are holding a100 Miles in May bonus month in April
– Pledge as you can
– You and your team will be automatically updated for May (no cost) and your miles will be reset at zero
– Individual and team winners will be recognized each month.
– Individuals and teams can join up at any point along the way!
– Invite friends far and wide to play – no social distancing online!
For more information visit We hope you take the Challenge, and if you choose to pledge, thank you for your support!

What is 100 Miles in May?

The 100 Miles in May Challenge is a fundraiser for the Healthy Futures program, which works to empower Alaska’s youth to build the habit of daily physical activity.  It’s an excellent opportunity to encourage physical activity among employees, family, or friends,  and  role model healthy behavior for youth.  As participants enter their exercise into a mileage converter, they can track their status on group, industry, and statewide leaderboards! Click HERE for the pdf information sheet. Registration will re-open in April, 2020.

Thank You to our 2020 Supporters! We hope to have you again in 2021!

$1,500 & Higher

$1,500 & Higher











Who can do the 100 Miles in May Challenge?

Anyone! The 100 Miles in May Challenge is for the workplace, for solo flyers, or any group of family, friends or classmates wanting to build a fun team!

What are the Cool Prizes?

  • All participating organizations will be recognized on the Healthy Futures website with organizational logos.
  • Top participating businesses (based on average miles per participant) within each industry will be proled on the Healthy Futures website and social media.
  • The top overall contributing business will receive a guest visit from an Alaskan celebrity athlete, and those completing 100 or more miles in May with the winning company will get a Healthy Futures/100MM T-shirt.
  • Participants from the top, contributing, non-business team with 100 or more miles will also win Healthy Futures t-shirts.
  • The top five overall individuals (based on total miles) will win a Healthy Futures hoodie for the most miles in May

*Healthy Heroes and non-donating participants not eligible for prizes

How does the Pledge Work? 

Teams/participants have three options:

  • A team flat rate
  • A dollar per mile completed by the team amount
  • Individuals can make a donation on their “My Dashboard” page and Team Leaders wishing to make a Team 100 Miles in May pledge may donate on the “My Team” page.

Healthy Futures appreciates your participation in 100 Miles in May and your valuable financial support.  Thank you!

The 100 Miles in May concept was developed by R&M Consultants, Inc. Thank you for joining us for the Challenge! Please email Healthy Futures at or call(907)351-6973 if you have any questions.

The results from the 2018- 100 Miles in May Challenge are in- click HERE to see the results!!

Thank you to the 2017 participants!! See below for our top fundraisers in each contributing category. We’d also like to give a special THANK YOU to R&M Consultants, Inc. for their inspiration, support and coordination of this wonderful and fun fundraiser for Healthy Futures! You’re efforts are greatly appreciated!

100 Miles in May is made possible by generous support from Rasmuson Foundation.