Middle School Challenge

The Healthy Futures Middle School Program consists of

  • Physical Activity outside of school 4X per week, 30 minutes per day
  • Log activity into web app and receive instant feedback
  • Submit app and receive awesome prizes


The Healthy Futures Middle School Challenge is an expansion of the Elementary School Challenge to youth in grades 6 – 8.  Students participating in the middle school challenge will fill out activity logs, and strive to incorporate 30 minutes of activity 4-times per week over a 6 week period, two times during the school year.  The program aims to motivate youths to be physically active outside of school time and to reinforce lifestyle physical activity concepts promoted by the elementary school challenge. The Challenges serve to establish a foundation for habitual physical activity and a culture of support for a healthy lifestyle at an influential and significant age. Fitness concepts, such as frequency, intensity and duration will be taught, and motivational prizes and incentives will be provided to encourage participation. The challenge is  web-based – with students tracking and completing their own logs via a unique login identification. A web-based program will provide immediate feedback to the student, allow them to monitor their progress throughout the program, and encourage participation and personal commitment to the challenge.