Helpful Hints for Healthy Futures

  • Encourage children to get at least 60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity per day.
  • Limit TV and video game time to less than two hours per day
  • Use commercial time for active play (sit-up contest, etc.)
  • Plan family time that includes fun physical activities like walking or biking.
  • Include physical activity in family events such as birthday parties, picnics and vacations (red rover).
  • Bring kids to fun, community youth recreation events, which focus on participation rather than winning.  Check out our events calendar to see our current events! Invite the neighbor kids!
  • Take nature walks to find and discuss the many different leaves, grasses and creatures.
  • Park further away and take the stairs.  Every step counts.
  • Give gifts that encourage physical activity such as sports equipment and lessons or passes.
  • Support youth sports programs and extra curricular activities at school, community centers and events.
  • Cheer your child on and congratulate them no matter what the outcome.
  • Active kids need nutritious snacks and plenty of water.