Positive Leadership for Active Alaska Youth

PLAAY is an initiative of the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame.  The PLAAY Summit and PLAAY Day will help community leaders better work with Alaska’s youth to emphasize physical activity in addressing health and wellness.

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PLAAY Summit:  Featuring a slate of field experts from around the state, the PLAAY Summit provides teachers, parents, nurses, coaches, administrators and other leaders of youth with a conference to address the multi-factorial areas of adolescent health. PLAAY will emphasize the importance of physical activity as a means to improving teenage health.  The conference focuses on psychological and social-emotional  development, and the creation of opportunities for education and training of adult leaders who work with children.

PLAAY Day: The goal is to get thousands of Alaska children jumping, running, and dancing — all at once. PLAAY Day will kick off with Alaska’s first simultaneous student physical activity event Schools and other organizations from across the state will engage elementary students in a half hour of organized — and synchronized — physical activity.

The PLAAY initiative is made possible with generous support from: 

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