Sample Letter to Parents

 Sample Parent Letter

Sample Parent Letter

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the new school year! I am looking forward to working with you and your child, and pleased to announce our school will be participating in the Healthy Futures Challenge this year.

The contest will run for three months, [insert names of months]. In addition to students winning prizes, our school can win up to a $200 grant for equipment or educational materials that support physical activity. Twenty-five schools who have 20% participation and higher will be drawn for the $200 grant prizes.

What is Healthy Futures? Founded by concerned parents, Healthy Futures is a statewide, grassroots movement to help youth build positive, lifelong physical fitness habits through two core programs: the Healthy Futures Activity Log Challenge and the promotion of youth attendance at local recreational events.

Why Healthy Futures? Kids are not as active as they should be. They need daily vigorous physical activity to build strength, endurance, healthy muscles and bones or they may face tough problems like obesity, diabetes, and lower self-esteem. At [name of school], we are committed to helping students develop the skills, knowledge and desire they need in order to be physically active now and for the rest of their lives. Parents and the community also play a critical role in the solution for healthier, active children by providing motivation, encouragement and daily opportunities for recreation beyond the classroom.

How does your child participate in Healthy Futures? With your assistance, your child records physical activity on the Healthy Futures Activity Log.

Effective this school year, qualifying logs must show at least 60 minutes of physical activity during a day, for at least 15 days of the month. Students can now count their active time during PE class and recess.

While it is healthiest for physical activity to be distributed throughout the month, the 15 days can occur in any pattern during the month and count toward a qualifying log.

The good news is that your students can spread out their 60 minutes of activity during the day. They can even break it up into smaller chunks of time during the day — as small as 10 minutes at a time of moderate to vigorous effort. For example, it could be 20 minutes of active time during PE class, 20 minutes during recess, and 20 minutes of playing tag with their friends after school. On a weekend, it could be a 60-minute hike with their family.

This helps children get closer to the national recommendation of 60 minutes of physical activity every day for the best health. Students turn in completed logs to me [with your signature if teacher requires] in exchange for exciting prizes, including the chance to win a grand prize sports package of their choice, worth up to $300.

Incentives. In addition to being happier and healthier, students are rewarded for participating in Healthy Futures. The contest will run for the months of [insert names of months]. In exchange for turning in a completed log, students will receive the following prizes:

Log 1: [insert name of incentive]

Log 2: [insert name of incentive]

Log 3: [insert name of incentive]

This is a wonderful program that is sure to benefit your child and our school. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I’ve attached some ideas for activities the whole family can enjoy.


[Teacher’s Signature]