About The Game Changer Fund

A Sports Equity Project

We aim to help all Alaska youth realize their potential in athletics by working to ensure all have access to the same opportunities.

Through a partnership between Alaska’s News Source and the Healthy Futures (a program of the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame),  young Alaskans from economically challenged families can be awarded scholarships to get them in the game!

Youth between the ages of 8-18 years old from across the state can apply for a Game Changer scholarship. Examples of needs covered by the scholarship include but are not limited to 1) participation fees, 2) sports equipment, and 3) transportation support.

Qualifying applicants must demonstrate need, integrity of character, and satisfactory academic standing. Winners will be awarded up to $500.  Recipients will be required to report how their funding was used and these follow-up stories will be shared by Alaska’s New Source and Healthy Futures.

Donors and to the Game Changer Fund will join our family of sponsors and will be recognized as valued partners.

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What We Are Providing

An alarming number of young Alaskans are economically disadvantaged. Over 40% of urban schools and over 80% of rural schools in Alaska qualify as Title 1 due to high percentages of students living below the poverty level.

Children who have a passion or show potential in sports or recreation often run into barriers. These obstacles include lack of finances, lack of transportation, and lack of supportive family structure. Without support too many dreams go unrealized. And without support too often negative influences fill the void.

Schools, churches, and other community organizations like Boys and Girls Club and YMCA provide a critical safety but don’t do enough to meet the individualized needs of young Alaskans with big dreams. The Game Changer Fund is here to help with club soccer fees, hockey equipment needs, air fare to travel with the team, daily transportation support to get to practice, lessons to build skills, or any with any other barriers standing in the way of a dream!